I have 29 million blogs I have started and stopped and restarted and restopped, so there’s no telling where you’ll be able to find me screaming off the cuff with no filters (or fear of retribution, or fear of an unlikeable “voice,” or fear of inaccessibility, etc etc).

But you can start by looking here:

  • Hindsight 20/20/20, a blog project where I dove back twenty years into pop culture (1996), resurfacing while clutching the movies/TV shows/albums/books and analyzing them THEN and NOW!
  • the suburban prairie, an outgrowth of an older blog (what’s up, “evading mwom” readers!) which has devolved into a “Twelve Days of Christmas”-a-thon where, from December 13-24, I review all of the books I read that year (spoiler: it is usually over 100 books so these posts break all the attention-span rules and require 9 minutes of scrolling).
  • Kristine on Seventeen, a blog series I loved to death but literally could not commit to finishing on time (it was supposed to take one year and it took like five). I scanned my copies of Seventeen from 1998 and reviewed them ten years later (2008). If you like Perez-Hilton-style comments scrawled in Microsoft Paint, you will love this blog.