old projects

Essay collection: Pull Me Through the Doorway

A collection suspended on the liminality of inclusion and exclusion. Bending traditional nonfiction structures, these essays lean against the desire to be drawn into a place of belonging while acknowledging that place might be temporary, troubled, or a construction.


Chapbook collection: Curing Season

A collection centered on girlhood displacement, both literal and metaphorical, in eastern North Carolina. These essays read like a choked claustrophobia, an obsessive clicking of beads, a compulsive rubbing in a groove, the pick-pick-picking with a tooth around the edges of an artifact in a beehive-shaped pit, with no ladder to escape the narrator’s exposed discoveries.


Chapbook collection: Satellite Mind

A collection of reconstruction, a notebook-on-the-lap orchestrated mixtape of essays, reconfiguring meaning in the songs that served as scaffolding for half-built houses of love.