old projects

Essay collection: Home Trap

A collection dismantling the privilege of home. Framed with invented definitions, proposing alternative meanings,  borrowing forms, and segmenting the narratives, Home Trap’s fluidity reinforces the narrator’s restless need to reexamine the truths about both where and who she is from.

Essay collection: Pull Me Through the Doorway

A collection suspended on the liminality of inclusion and exclusion. Bending traditional nonfiction structures, these essays lean against the desire to be drawn into a place of belonging while acknowledging that place might be temporary, troubled, or a construction.

Chapbook collection: Curing Season

A collection centered on girlhood displacement, both literal and metaphorical, in eastern North Carolina. These essays read like a choked claustrophobia, an obsessive clicking of beads, a compulsive rubbing in a groove, the pick-pick-picking with a tooth around the edges of an artifact in a beehive-shaped pit, with no ladder to escape the narrator’s exposed discoveries.

Chapbook collection: Satellite Mind

A collection of reconstruction, a notebook-on-the-lap orchestrated mixtape of essays, reconfiguring meaning in the songs that served as scaffolding for half-built houses of love.