Selected Nonfiction

“The Parts No One Wants to Hear,” Hypertrophic Literary, Winter 2018

“Kristine at the Gun Show,” Superstition Review, Issue 22
**[nominated for 2019 Best American Travel Writing]**

“A Little, A Ton,” Barely South Review, Issue 10.1

“I Don’t Know If I Am Real Without You,” March Vladness

“Territory,” Fugue, Issue 55

“Secretion,” Longleaf Review, Issue 4

“A Spectator Event” and “Take Me Anywhere,” 45th Parallel, Issue 3

“Tone,” collaboration with Kevin Mahler, The Normal School

“For Me Only,” Gigantic Sequins, Issue 9.2

“Bears Like Spectators,” Chautauqua, Issue 15: Wild & Tame

New Dawn Coming,” Noble / Gas Qtrly, Issue 205.2

“Satellite Mind,” Atticus Review

“Good Guess,” cahoodaloodaling, Issue 26
**[nominated for 2019 Best Small Fictions]**

“The Third Descent,” Crab Creek Review, Volume XXXI, No. 1

“Lanes,” The Collagist, Issue 96

“Surface Tension,” Quarter After Eight, Volume 24

“Brend Child Fur Dreadeth,” March Shredness

“You Entertain Rest,” the museum of americana, Issue 14
**[nominated for 2018 Best of the Net]**

“She’ll Only Come Out at Night,” CHEAP POP
**[nominated for 2018 Pushcart Prize]**

“The Rules,” Atlas & Alice, Issue 11
**[nominated for 2018 Best of the Net]**

“Slight,” Crab Orchard Review, Volume 22
**[received 2016 Rafael Torch Award in Literary Nonfiction]**

“You, Prom, a Dance,” apt.

“Christmas Cards My Teenage Boyfriend Meant to Send,” Barrelhouse Online

“Club Pines,” New Delta Review, Issue 8.1

“Speak,” Synaesthesia Magazine, Home Vol. 4, No. 2
**[nominated for 2018 Best of the Net]**

“16 on College Weekends,” Gordon Square Review, Issue 1

“I Will Not Die, For You,” The Rumpus

“Say No Nice,” Storm Cellar, Issue 6.2

“Matches,” Lunch Ticket, Summer/Fall 2017 Issue

“Interloper,” Critical Read

“Good Sorts,” Split Lip Magazine, July 2017

“The Things I Didn’t Know,” The Bitter Southerner

“In What I Have Done,” Rock & Sling, Issue 11.2

“Dominant/recessive,” Sweet: A Literary Confection, Issue 9.2
[Artist Statement]

“Remains,” Tahoma Literary Review, Issue 8

“Place Where You Live: Ralston, Nebraska,” Orion Magazine

“He Stopped Loving Her Today,” First Class Lit