Selected Nonfiction

“Transitional Objects,” Pidgeonholes

“Body of Longing,” with Dina L. Relles, Waxwing, Spring 2019

“The Parts No One Wants to Hear,” Hypertrophic Literary, Winter 2018

“Kristine at the Gun Show,” Superstition Review, Issue 22
**[nominated for 2019 Best American Travel Writing]**

“A Little, A Ton,” Barely South Review, Issue 10.1

“I Don’t Know If I Am Real Without You,” March Vladness

“Territory,” Fugue, Issue 55

“Secretion,” Longleaf Review, Issue 4

“A Spectator Event” and “Take Me Anywhere,” 45th Parallel, Issue 3

“Tone,” collaboration with Kevin Mahler, The Normal School

“For Me Only,” Gigantic Sequins, Issue 9.2

“Bears Like Spectators,” Chautauqua, Issue 15: Wild & Tame

New Dawn Coming,” Noble / Gas Qtrly, Issue 205.2

“Satellite Mind,” Atticus Review

“Good Guess,” cahoodaloodaling, Issue 26
**[nominated for 2019 Best Small Fictions]**

“The Third Descent,” Crab Creek Review, Volume XXXI, No. 1

“Lanes,” The Collagist, Issue 96

“Surface Tension,” Quarter After Eight, Volume 24

“Brend Child Fur Dreadeth,” March Shredness

“You Entertain Rest,” the museum of americana, Issue 14
**[nominated for 2018 Best of the Net]**

“She’ll Only Come Out at Night,” CHEAP POP
**[nominated for 2018 Pushcart Prize]**

“The Rules,” Atlas & Alice, Issue 11
**[nominated for 2018 Best of the Net]**

“Slight,” Crab Orchard Review, Volume 22
**[received 2016 Rafael Torch Award in Literary Nonfiction]**

“You, Prom, a Dance,” apt.

“Christmas Cards My Teenage Boyfriend Meant to Send,”
Barrelhouse Online

“Club Pines,” New Delta Review, Issue 8.1

“Speak,” Synaesthesia Magazine, Home Vol. 4, No. 2
**[nominated for 2018 Best of the Net]**

“16 on College Weekends,” Gordon Square Review, Issue 1

“I Will Not Die, For You,” The Rumpus

“Say No Nice,” Storm Cellar, Issue 6.2

“Matches,” Lunch Ticket, Summer/Fall 2017 Issue

“Interloper,” Critical Read

“Good Sorts,” Split Lip Magazine, July 2017

“The Things I Didn’t Know,” The Bitter Southerner

“In What I Have Done,” Rock & Sling, Issue 11.2

“Dominant/recessive,” Sweet: A Literary Confection, Issue 9.2
[Artist Statement]

“Remains,” Tahoma Literary Review, Issue 8

“Place Where You Live: Ralston, Nebraska,” Orion Magazine

“He Stopped Loving Her Today,” First Class Lit