Selected Essays


Michigan, a Mother, West Branch
Kohoutek, Witness
Birdgift, The New Territory

In My Housedress, Don’t You Know Who I Am?, March Faxness, Spring 2022

This Century, the Last, CRAFT, November 2021

One Mouth, Two Fingers, Fourteen Years, JMWW, April 2021

You’ll Get the Message By the Time I’m Through, March Plaidness, Spring 2021

Creepsake, Hayden’s Ferry Review, December 2020
—nominated for Best of the Net

Out Line, Speculative Nonfiction, Issue 4: Dwellings

Childe Roland and I to the Library Came, CutBank, Issue 93

Shadowbox, Pithead Chapel, Volume 9, Issue 12
—nominated for Pushcart Prize

Acknowledgments, HAD, November 2020

A Knot on the Finger, Brevity, Issue 64
republished by Creative Nonfiction in Sunday Shorts

Alignment, Blood Orange Review, Issue 12.1
—named Notable in Best American Essays 2021

People Who Seem Enviable, Hobart, March 2020

Gonna Put You in a Trance With a Funky Song, March Badness, Spring 2020

Possum, Hobart, January 2020

Mädchenfänger, DIAGRAM, Issue 19.6
selected for Wigleaf Top 50

Boys, Boss, Florida Review, Issue 43.2

Every Porch a Threshold, with Jennifer Wortman
—winner of the 2019 Sundog Lit Collaboration Contest

In the Burnpile Behind the Old Nobles House, Little Fiction/Big Truths, Summer 2019

Two Truths and a Lie, Ninth Letter, Summer 2019
finalist for Best of the Net
nominated for Pushcart Prize

Transitional Objects, Pidgeonholes, Spring 2019

Body of Longing, with Dina L. Relles, Waxwing, Spring 2019

Kristine at the Gun Show, Superstition Review, Issue 22
—nominated for Best American Travel Writing

I Don’t Know If I Am Real Without You, March Vladness, Fall 2018

Territory, Fugue, Issue 55

Tone, with Kevin Mahler, The Normal School, Summer 2018

For Me Only, Gigantic Sequins, Issue 9.2

Bears Like Spectators, Chautauqua, Issue 15

Satellite Mind, Atticus Review, Spring 2019

Good Guess, cahoodaloodaling, Issue 26
—nominated for Best Small Fictions

Lanes, The Collagist/The Rupture, Issue 96

Surface Tension, Quarter After Eight, Volume 24

Brend Child Fur Dreadeth, March Shredness, Spring 2018

You Entertain Rest, the museum of americana, Issue 14
—nominated for Best of the Net

She’ll Only Come Out at Night, CHEAP POP, Spring 2018
—longlisted for Wigleaf Top 50
—nominated for Pushcart Prize

The Rules, Atlas & Alice, Issue 11
—nominated for Best of the Net

Slight, Crab Orchard Review, Volume 22
—named Notable in Best American Essays 2019
—received 2016 Rafael Torch Award in Literary Nonfiction

Christmas Cards My Teenage Boyfriend Meant to Send,
Barrelhouse Online, Winter 2017

Club Pines, New Delta Review, Issue 8.1

Speak, Synaesthesia Magazine, Volume 4, No. 2
—nominated for Best of the Net

I Will Not Die, For You, The Rumpus, Fall 2017

Say No Nice, Storm Cellar, Issue 6.2

Matches, Lunch Ticket, Summer/Fall 2017

Interloper, Critical Read, Summer 2017

Good Sorts, Split Lip Magazine, Summer 2017

The Things I Didn’t Know, The Bitter Southerner, Summer 2017

Dominant/recessive, Sweet, Issue 9.2
[Artist Statement]

Remains, Tahoma Literary Review, Issue 8

He Stopped Loving Her Today, First Class Lit, Spring 2016

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